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Interfaith Business Builders, Inc.
History and Achievements

1983 Organization opens as Jobs For People, Inc. Membership includes Cincinnati churches, synagogues, and other religious institutions.
1984 Temporary labor business, PFJ Enterprise, Inc. opens. It moves into janitorial work by 1990.
1988 Organizations around Ohio launch campaign for Ohio Worker Cooperative Law. Culminates in unanimous passage of Law by Ohio Legislature in 1992.
1992 The goal of cooperative small business ownership becomes primary focus of organization.
1993 Cooperative Builders, Inc. opens as a residential contractor. A building located at 1707 Westwood Avenue is purchased for use as office space and warehouse.
1994 The 1715 Westwood Avenue building is purchased. Totally renovated by Cooperative Builders into three apartments over next several years.
1995 Cooperative Janitorial Services, Inc. opens as an employee-owned cooperative business. PFJ Enterprise closes.
1998 Employees take on more responsibilities. Workforces, sales volumes and profits grow.
1999 Mission, vision, strategic plan updated. Name changed to Interfaith Business Builders, Inc.
2000 $400,000 in sales in the two businesses makes an average of 13 full-time equivalent jobs.
2001 Economy slows growth. IBB restructures following loss of City of Cincinnati funding.
2002 Major CJS workforce training begins. Funding for a CDC to complement Cooperative Builders does not materialize. Cooperative Builders closes.
2003 IBB develops a marketing plan for Cooperative Janitorial Services. Mortgages are restructured, which also allows for repayment of several smaller loans.
2004 The marketing plan for CJS focuses on the religious and social justice communities.
2005 Cooperative Janitorial Services sales volume jumps by 50% to $14,000/month.


Efforts to sell IBB properties. Discussions begin on future co-ops..

CJS sales grow. Mortgages restructured. Planning begins for a retail co-op.


CJS manages the recession. Plans solidify for Community Blend, a fair-trade co-op coffee shop.


Building Cooperative Community Businesses.