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Interfaith Business Builders, Inc.
History and Achievements

Since 1983 IBB has successfully developed four social enterprises, each its own corporation:

  • PFJ Enterprise, a temporary labor business, operated for eleven years.
  • Cooperative Builders, a construction company, operated for ten years.
  • Cooperative Janitorial Services (CJS), a worker cooperative commercial janitorial company, has been successfully operating since 1995.
  • Community Blend, a fair trade co-op coffee shop, opened in May, 2014.
From 1983 through June 30, 2013 the businesses had generated $4,354,619 in sales and $2,602,957 in wages. Over 400 people have been employed in the businesses since 1983.

Results for the co-op members are impressive too:

  • The average wage in CJS is $10.40 per hour, along with paid holidays.
  • CJS profit sharing averages several hundred dollars per year per member.
  • The average CJS member has been with CJS for almost five years.
  • The average CJS customer has been with CJS over five and one half years.

Building Cooperative Community Businesses.